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All Alchemy products are designed and made in Britain by specialized artists with great knowledge of world history and mythology. Medieval period, Arthurian myths, Egyptian gods and goddesses as well as myth, Celtic myths and culture, Vikings and myths of the northern peoples as well as Greek mythology, inspire Alchemy’s artists to create something special.
They use solid British pewter (Sheffield) 92% which is lead free and does not cause allergies, brass (solid), bohemian crystals (for goblets), and swarovski crystals (for jewellery rings and chalices). All original Alchemy products are hand made and have an embossed seal at the back of all products with the company’s logo and trademark. Imitations of Alchemy products are easy to spot due to the much lower quality, different metal, their package, their weight, the absence of embossed stamp and trademark and their much lower price.

Care of Alchemy Products: (For jewellery)
Pewter may like silver tarnish naturally to a dark grey colour depending upon the environment to which it is subjected (sweating, water, air pollution etc.). This is a natural phenomenon of the metals and not a fault. It can easily regain its shine, if polished using the correct silver polishing guard or wad, followed by a wipe with a dry cloth.
All Alchemy products are original and authentic designs and trademarked. They are protected by the international laws about copyright. It is forbidden to use the designs or part of them by anyone without the written permission of the company.

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