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All St. Justin’s jewellery are designed and made in Cornwall by hand using lead free solid pewter 92%. They specialize in producing traditional Celtic jewellery.
All crystals used are Swarofski Austrian crystals. St. Justin produces authentic jewellery based on designs that have survived many years of history and wars. The Celts – “Fathers of Europe”, loved to go to war, drinking, eating and adore nature and art. The Celts were master craftsmen and artists. They loved parts of nature such as water, trees, animals and the sun, and they honored them with designs such as spirals, knot works and zoomorphic.
Some of the most traditional symbolisms of the Celts tradition are as follows.
Fish = clairvoyance
Serpent = Healing, Devine wisdom, Fertility
Birds = Prophecy, Freedom, Spiritual Liberation
Horses = Fertility, beauty, sexual potency.
Dragon = Guardian spirit, sovereignty.
Bull = Strength and fertility
Eagle = Celestial and solar symbol
One of the most well known Celtic art designs is the Celtic cross that symbolizes and represents the relationship between the celestial realms (vertical axis) and the earthly plane (horizontal axis). The circle around the cross symbolizes both the great wheel of life and the solar energy. Originally known as St. Martin’s cross without the Celtic knot work decoration, which was another proof that after paganism the Celts adopted the Christian faith.

*All St. Justin's products are original and authentic designs and trademarked. They are protected by the international laws about copyright. It is forbidden to use the designs or part of them by anyone without the written permission of the company.

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